Long time coming

4-day weekend!!! WOOOHOOO! smile smile smile smile smile

Tentative plans:
6/8: sleep sleep, then Marina South to watch fireworks and Mayday and Emil…yes, make no mistake about it, I actually want to watch Mayday
7/8: no plans so sleep!
8/8: watch 天邊一朵雲, then find somewhere to nua or shop!, then head down to Marina for fireworks and Machi and Nicky!!! mouth-watering 😛
9/8: sleep sleep TV TV sleep sleep

Actual plans most probably will be:
6/8, 7/8, 8/8, 9/8: sleep sleep TV sleep sleep sleep TV sleep, pig that I am 😛 am predicting a massive headache by the end of Monday muahahaha

too bad, or too good, trace isn’t around (off on a mini-honeymoon of sorts yay ^_^) else would have gotten her out for a drink, i haven’t had for ages, so need alcohol and smoke in huge amounts. aiyo, why all the drinking buddies married liao??!!

4-day weekend, 4-day weekend, 4-day weekend, 4-day weekend, 4-day weekend …


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