ratty jeans and fake accents

what is it about parents and their inate need to throw away your most beat-up, most ratty, most faded and most comfortable pair of jeans? what? what? I don’t get it…what’s wrong with ratty jeans? they’re comfortable, what. Why throw them away? Lucky I saved mine 🙂 but hope the topic won’t come up again.

On another topic, I was on TIBS svc 171 heading to Bt Timah to head home just now. Just to digress, I realised today I have not been to Orchard Road for eons, seriously…the people are sooo well-dressed! all those kids dress like they’re out for a party…whatever happened to dressing down? how come nobody told me? I felt like somebody’s maid, wearing my fake LP (no, no, Linkin Park) tee-shirt, too-short jeans and faded sloppy slippers. Oooh, and they talk funny too. What’s with all the bloody fake accents suddenly? It’s like Singapore got inundated with bloody American or Australian-born Chinese who took up the whole of Orchard Road. I had to stand in Sunny listening to 2 girls going “Oh, is that the Zara dress?”, and the girl wearing the Zara dress with jeans went, “Yeah, it’s not too short, is it? They say it was too short”, and girl 1 went…I duno what she went, coz I zonked out of that conversation as fast as I could.

anyway, talking about conversations, back to the 171. was standing beside this lady, Indian or Eurasian, complete with, you guessed it, fake accent!! and her ang-moh boyfriend and the bus was passing by the condos and shophouses just before Newton MRT. So I heard her telling her boyfriend while obviously pointing to the condo, “my ex-boyfriend’s sister’s boyfriends’s sister lives here”…lost yet? i had to shake my head mentally, are you that short of topics to talk about that you talk about your ex-boyfriend’s sister’s boyfriend’s sister??? eh hello, this one is your current boyfriend leh, would he be interested? {insert Chandler-speak at the italics, please}

but somebody tell me what the deal is about the fake accents? i can’t stand it…or to quote my boss cannot take it, leh, cannot take it. Suddenly all these brainless beach bunnies seemed to actually be interested in reading. I was surronded by, like, loads of Valley-speak while inside Sunny. aiyo, you’re a bloody Singaporean leh, not some Californian sun-bleached blonde born on the right side of the Valley {where the heck is that anyway}. Whatever happened to, like, y’know, yeah, Singlish???

buay tahan leh! suay suay forgot to put on my headphones!


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