Happy Realization

just realized some time late last week that I can run again, thank goodness!!! I really thought it wouldn’t ever come back anymore. okay, so i’m not sprinting or running like some athlete (never have, never will!), but at least running for the bus now means running (and that i CAN run for it), not shuffling along and feeling like i’m gonna buckle at the knees at any moment, falling flat on my face in front of the rest of the world. Shuffling’s still easier hehe, but I can do it lesser now then the last few months (Shuffling makes me sound like the biggest ah lian in Boon Lay Interchange though). HENG AH! 謝天謝地 and thanks too, to my doc and to Wahi for insisting on taking my meds regularly. Muacks to Wahi, let’s have a fantastic time in Redang 😀


One thought on “Happy Realization

  1. of course, walking faster means that nng-ka here sprains my ankle more, twice in the past 3 weeks to be exact. wondering whether to see the ah beng sinseh again…tempted 😛 but better not…

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