BB-414 bass guitar

Yamaha BB-414
Image hosted by

Fell in love with this model when I was surfing around some music sites looking for bass teachers. It really looks damn cool, right down to the soap bar pickups. I’m seriously considering buying it, (Luther tentatively quotes SGD700), so I must be seriously afflicted with lunacy. I DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW TO PLAY BASS PROPERLY!! So what the heck am I slobbering over this for? Maybe one day, when I’ve learnt how to play properly, I’ll come get you BB-414 🙂

When it comes to instances like this, I’m glad I’m not rich. Think of all that impluse buying … *shiver*

I’ve been thinking about taking up lessons again for a few weeks now, and maybe getting some jamming practice much later on, when I’m actually good. Flo’s just asked me to play for her band again. So I went surfing looking for bass teachers, and this person had just placed an ad at Luther Music today, looking for bass students. I’ve just sent off an email to him. Just this minute, my mum switched on the TV again, and guess what, BB King is jamming on a tribute program to Ray Charles. BB King leh, king of bass leh.

Maybe it’s a sign. I really think it’s a sign. Just like the one Stone gave me that time. ^_^ If Ka Kui or Ka Keung can give me a sign now, I’ll really know I’m doing the right thing.


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