Introducing 六甲樂團 – 嘻哈饒舌搖滾

Listening to: 六甲 (6Alpha? stone? 6A? 6Plus) don’t know what the heck their english name is)

六甲, a new taiwanese band that popped up in 2003, their album was released a few months back. the 1st time i took note of them was when I saw the MTV of their 台客song (directed by 廣勝, no less). Their music opened my eyes, coz it seems most bands/musicians have been steering clear of rock music, really rock rock music recently. and for such a young band (their average age: 24) to take a bold step into rap/rock in the chinese music industry, well, I thought it would certainly be worth a listen.

6 members – 2 vocals 小任 and 阿文, 1 guitar 阿龍, 1 keyboardist官錠, 1 bassist小翔 and 1 drummer DDWHO. A very normal band ensemble, well except for the 2 vocalists. Their album is a fantastic compilation of 11 songs, composed and written by 小任. His lyrics are either in Mandarin or Hokkien, which brings another new and extraordinary aspect into play in rap music. Most of the lyrics impressed me, because it meant rap and hip-hop to them didn’t mean girls, tits and booties (something which bores and disgusts the hell out of me, and honestly it’s very difficult to disgust me). A lot of thought was put into the lyrics, which was written through stuff 小任 had talked about with his friends or read about over the net.

The songs in the album (3 of which are slower songs) showcase not only 小任’s lyric-writing capabilities, but all their musical talent as the 6 of them also undertook the arrangement for all vocals and instruments as well as took a major part in the production of the album. Surfing around for more information at, I also found out that their leader 阿龍 had even set up a music school and all the members were teaching either singing or instruments there. Their musical resume was also something to look at, a very long and very impressive list for such young musicians.

We were lucky enough that they came over to Singapore on the last day of October and had a fantastic live performance there. lovefool and doudou and i headed over to the esplanade to check them out, and boy, we were NOT disappointed. The turnout there was small and pretty weird. Of course you had the usual bunch of young female groupies who had apparently chased them around Singapore right from the time they landed. Then there were a few young guys around, dressed in their baggy tees and bermudas. Then you had people like us who were there, apparently to just “check out the music”. And then of course there were the uncles and little family clusters who were out for a day at Esplanade and decided to take in a free performance while eating dinner. I wonder if they were pleasantly surprised or horrifically deafened *evil grin*

in the short 40-minute gig, 六甲 started out with their hit song 半工半讀, and performed a total of 5 songs, ending with 台客song as a huge energetic finale. They really made their stage presence felt, their performance being a high-energy explosive gig. All the members were jumping around the small little stage, esp the 2 vocalists (well, except DDWHO who was stuck behind the drums), blasting out their fast songs with huge amounts of energy and force. Because it was a tiny outdoor amphitheatre, the star-struck fans were delighted when the 2 vocalists jumped straight into the audience and ran around the tiers singing, and eyeing the pretty girls at the same time ^__^ The huge amount of lyrics didn’t faze them and the heat didn’t stop them, it being their “first time” didn’t hold them back. In the end it was the 6 of them who urged the audience to their feet and rocked this tiny unfamiliar stage with their music, their talent, their confidence and their energy.

By the end of the gig, which ended prematurely due to a light drizzle, all the members were totally sweat-soaked but still grinning at and chatting happily with their fans who lined up to let all 6 of them sign the new 六甲 album clutched in their hands. They even had time to hang around chatting and taking photos while packing up their instruments . Me, I knew I was hooked on 六甲, tired from jumping all the way through 台客song and sorry I didn’t get to hear 不正仔 live.

I’ve told myself not to fall for another band who’s younger than me, but i just can’t help it! I want more 六甲!!! 40 minutes is NOT enough!

note to myself: started this post on 30th Oct, but only managed to finish on 6/11…oops!


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