summer nite, no breeze tho

so many things happening this week, but duno if i wanna blog them. it’s all so mundane. finished reading The Da Vinci Code 😀 in 3 days. it’s a fascinating read, a real page turner as so many of the blurbs read, i’m glad i picked it up. i’m not a real believer of Christianity, much less a religious fanatic, but i was really shocked by the theory raised up in the book and almost stopped reading there. i’m not a particularly religious person, but 6 years in a methodist school does instill some beliefs or thoughts in a person. But the book was just too good to put down ^__^

it’s such a contrast to read this book and talk to EP at the same time. he was telling me and NL about his girlfriend and how he brought her to have dinner with his cell group leader and his wife. the thing about him is, his faith is so deeply instilled in him, altho he converted in his teens or early twenties (i think), but he doesn’t feel the need to ram it down people’s throats, you can just accept as he is. at least he’s open-minded enough that i can argue and crit religion with him and not get condemned for it. can’t believe he was with us for just 8 short months. *sigh* his last day with us tomorrow, all my best to him and his pretty gf *g*, but it’s really hard to lose such a great colleague, esp one who has become a good friend too.

ohh been busy with organizing the office bbq too, NL and i volunteered to help with games but got roped in to help LS with the whole thing. DC and IC got roped in too. DC was telling us about IC, and the whole story was so funny, about how aloof she was about the whole BBQ thing and kept telling us not to involve her, but after LS spoke to IPL and IPL ‘volunteered’ her, she was so happy and couldn’t stop grinning about it. hope we can get the games to be really fun and run really well, i really hate to see her ‘i told you so’ attitude just because she thinks she can do better than anybody else. i wasn’t too happy about her getting volunteered tho, she’s already starting to shove her ideas (read demands) down our throats, but I think i’ve been a bit ‘trigger-happy’ too, insisting on sticking to our own ideas. thank goodness NL is backing me up…those are our ideas anyway. i think LS is starting to glean some sort of idea about how we feel about IC tho, empty silences and innocent raised-eyebrows looks when her name is mentioned do express a helluva lot of meaning…

this gossip thing revolving around IC is getting really funny, but think, esp for DC and me, we get a lot of unnecessary stress from her, which is totally uncalled for. But honestly, i’m really getting sick of her whole ‘holier-than-thou’ attitude towards the rest of us, juz coz she’s IPL’s fave doesn’t mean the rest of us are dirt under her bloody slippers. I mean if even EP and DC, who’re 2 of the nicest pple i know, can come in for a spot of back-biting, i don’t know what she says about the rest of us. Even NL, who i think comes in for the least, can also feel her whole ‘i’m the boss’ vibe too *sigh* what does that say?

I told EP about how he’d come in for it while he was away at our HQ, but not the details. he MSNed me later to say that it didn’t hurt him coz he’d done his very best, and if that wasn’t enough for her, then he didn’t know what was. DC comes in for it even worse though, i feel. IC seems to go straight for the jugular where DC is concerned, i wonder why.

I’m actually glad this has all come out in the open, at least to the few of us. the gossip is getting regular, and a bit bitchy, but hey, we women need to destress ok. anyway, we’re bitching about a bitch 😛 so it cancels each other out. But it makes it easier for us to understand each other and the things we have to go through. i don’t hold any hope for her tho, if she can’t even accept IPL’s appraisal of her and the remark on communication, i doubt if she can even accept 1% of what we say.


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