"moving" again

yup, fickle me, yes I know…moving yet again. I’m supposed to be working on other serious stuff, but i’d rather work on the blog ^___^ anyway, this is 夏夜晚風,summer nite breeze. thank goodness! blogger lets us just change addresses without the big moving posts hoo-ha *whew*

i quite like this template, Snapshot Tequila. well, i like the name, coz there’s tequila in it, and I like the colours, although green was never quite me, but somehow I like all that lime greeny going on here.

reason for moving agian, well, i got a bit sick of 天空之城, and Lucid Myth’s pretty public now, to some friends anyway, and sometimes it’s difficult to post stuff about people i know, not bad stuff, maybe just negative stuff, coz i’m a negative person, without other people guessing and conjecturing. well, maybe I think too much, but hey, that’s me.

more another time 🙂


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