Heart and Bass

Listening to : Mega Rock Ballads

Haha, this CD is at least 7 years old, containing all the old rock ballads from the 70s and 80s, my favourite era where rock music is concerned. On the CD, you get bands and singers like Poison, Deep Purple, Nazareth, Black Sabbath, Gary Moore, Skid Row, and most importantly Heart. Yes, Heart, that band that had the 2 very first women rockers I must have heard early in my life, Ann and Nancy Wilson (on lead volcals and guitar, no less). Their song Alone is featured on this CD and this song is amazing, even now. Her voice (i can never remember is it Ann or Nancy) is like Bonnie Tyler’s, only 100 times better.

Anyway, being curiuous as to what happened to these 2 ladies of rock, I Googled for Ann Wilson and came up with their still functioning and very very updated website, www.heart-music.com. And surprises of surprises, not one but two. One, Heart just released their latest album in June, just 3 months back!! Wow, they must be in their 40s already, and they’re still rocking! I have to get my hands on that album soon. 2nd surprise, Nancy Wilson is married to Cameron Crowe! Yes, THE Cameron Crowe, Mr. I-used-to-write-for-Rolling-Stones-Magazine-when-I-was-15-years-old Cameron Crowe. Wow!

The only thing that put me up to this was that I’d just kapo-ed the speakers from my Mum’s PC, they used to be mine, a pair of Philips speakers that comes with this fantastic sub-woofer. Ooooo, the sound that comes out from my PC now is absolutely fab, when you listen to Mayday (lolz, no, not everything is about Mayday), you can actually hear the bass guitar booming out at you. The sub-woofer is near my foot, and when the music is loud enough, I can feel short bursts of air on my foot haha. That’s why I started digging out old rock CDs so I can listen to songs that actually make full use of that sub-woofer.

thing now is, listening to so much bass, I’m tempted to take up bass lessons again, aiyooo, help me!


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