Mindsay v3 again

Wow! I have to admit, I’m amazed. I clicked on the feedback button and gave some suggestions regarding Mindsay v3 a couple of days ago, and I have gotten, not just 1, but 2 emails back from them. And no, it wasn’t just some automated drone response, it was a real human-being-behind-the-keyboard-typing-it-out response. Wow! Somebody in the Mindsay team actually responded to my feedback and did something about it. I feel good ^__^ Mindsay must have thousands of users, and they actually personally responded to lil’ol me. I love Mindsay. Even tho they can’t make me any promises about Chinese language encoding, I still love Mindsay. Altho I might move my blog to somewhere that has Chinese lang encoding, I’d still recommend Mindsay to anybody who wants a blog. They care.


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