Listening to : Hoobastank’s Hoobastank

Damn, i’ve got this bloody weird pain in my neck, it just came all of a sudden last nite, when i wasnt’ even doing anything. Now it’s hurting all the way from behind my left ear down to my left shoulder blade. Can’t bloody turn my nect in any direction. Sleeping hurts, bathing hurts, using the comp hurts, everything i do to relax hurts my neck. damn! and on a sunday too. what bloody bloody irony…

So what does that say about me? well, either i’ve been sitting on my ass and not excercising for toooo long, or I am in need of a good pampering at a spa somewhere, preferably cheap. I’m inclined to believe the 2nd option of course, been thinking about going for a spa holiday for ages. Nirawana Bintan sounds good and affordable. I wonder if it’s weird for a gal to go to a spa alone…sounds a bit pathetic leh.

But most people including my parents, my brother and probably my colleagues and boss will tell me I just lack excercise. But excercise is just soooo boring. jogging? bleah! swimming? i look like a beached whale in my costume, assuming i can still fit in it. gym? can’t stand to excercise beside those svelte bodies who never seem to break a sweat. aerobics? more bleah. dancing? hmm, maybe. been tempted to take salsa lessons, but again, is it pathetic to take up the lessons alone? maybe i’ll go find out soon 🙂


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