More Desktop folly

Downloaded stuff to make my destop look more like a Mac, which is what I yearn for, and less like a Windoze PC. Notice that I can now minimize windows to a bar at the top of the screen, and the “close,minimize,maximize” buttons are now at the left hand side of the window bar ^____^ Notice also that I can add objects/widgets/thingys ‘objects’ is the actual term to use for PCs, ‘widgets’ is the Mac term, ‘thingies’ is just my bimbo term 😀 to the desktop, such as the system statistics and the calender!

of course, now it’s on it’s way to looking pretty, but running really sluggishly, which is the way Windoze PCs ought to be.

thanks to the following sites:
How to turn your PC into a Mac by Kurt Williams nice tutorial
Stardock where you get the software to make the objects/widgets/thingies work
Rainy’s the add-ons/plug-ins/thingies that actually sit on your desktop
Deviant Art This is the most fantastic site i’ve come across, the artists who contribute there are absoulutely fantastic, i could surf through the site everyday, and discover fascinating artworks everytime, and they’re useful too! Lots of skins there for the thingies you stick on your desktop


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