Love of May – a Mayday mood day

This post is very Mayday, so be prepared to be bored… ^___^

I finally opened the OST after having it for 2 weeks. hmm, the English title makes my skin crawl a bit…” = Love Of May…eurgghhh so literal, dun like it. Only listened to Disc 1 so far, I like the way they re-arranged a lot of the songs, even the recent ones from SGJ, but it just sounds too much like a re-hash of SGJ, there were a couple of times I thought i was listening to my SGJ cd instead. oh well…

In other news, MD’s coming for the ” (Singapore Hit Awards), yay! the gamble we took in buying the tix worked, and it means I’m gonna use one of my precious leave days!

Changed my desktop after 1.5 months…still red red, but not v summery now


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