2 weeks

between posts…i’m getting lazy again.

in the past 1 fortnight/2 weeks/336 hours, i have…

sung 14.5 hours of KTV
watched 2 fireworks performances adding up to 15 mins
answered/read a few thousand emails (seriously)
watched about 25 hours of my endless taiwanese ”’
cried 10 times or so over them
watched 3 hours of Sex and The City Season 2 (i have to catch up soon)
drank at least 50 cups of coffee, 3 cups of plain water and 0 units of alcohol (time to start drinking)
chewed chewing gum 5 times
gained 0 kg in weight
unfortunately lost 0 kg in weight
bought 6 music CDs and 100 CD-Rs
received a 40GB HDD (happiness)
ate 1 chocolate ice-cream and lots of carbohydrates
slept 66 hours (that’s 20%!!! what a waste!)
read for leisure


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