had a pretty fun weekend destressing. I skipped class on friday (didn’t make any sense to go since i haven’t touched anything since a month ago) coz qh told me some last minute news that 旺福 was performing at Youth Park. I met up with her and latte and boh and went over there at about 7. the place was still pretty quiet and the DJ (liyi? lingzhi? i can never tell the diff) was trying to persuade the pple hanging arnd to go into the tent cover in front of the stage. we made our way to front and centre immediately, who knows when we’ll ever get a chance like this again. but we couldn’t stand up coz there were cameras behind us.

the whole thing was really enjoyable, the whole band was so low-key and so humble, they seemed really shy to be there to perform. Xiao Min, lead singer and guitarist, was this really weird but funny guy who was more the PR guy of the group, he spoke the most other than Judy, the female lead singer. the funniest part was when he played guitar, and his body and legs and face would just squash together, like he was having cramps or trying to squeeze into a tiny box lolz. Twiggy, their female bassist was a pretty cool chick. she basically just stood there and played bass, when the DJ asked her to speak, she was just so shy to say anything much. Drummer 肚皮 was by far the most popular with the girls *grin* he has those cute kiddy look, i guess, esp with his glasses on. xiao min keept making fun of him, but he just took it in and didn’t say anything, just grinned and hid behind his drums all the time.

they sang most of the songs, like 小棉羊趕集﹐我的名字叫。。。﹐很多鵝﹐新干線﹐我小時候會去SPIN,the last 2 being my favourite favourite songs *grin*. they also did an encore of a very bluesy version ”’. xiao min said that that was the adult version sang by him, while the original one was the children’s version sang by 肚皮 *grin*

qh and i then went to KTV for 6 hours!! at kbox after the performance. 1/2 way thru, we were like gasping for breath and voice, after screaming our way thru 4 F.I.R songs *grin*, but we still hung on till 3am. It was really fun, coz it’s been more than a month since my last KTV session.

went to watch 旺福 again on saturday afternoon, at 木船,my 1st time there too, i’d always just passed by, but never went in. qh n i went to try our luck coz we didn’t have tix, but we got in at last, luckily, when the staff decided to let us squash in. i had to squash in beside these 2 huge gals, who already took up too much space, but still keep giggling and fidgeting, so i ended up with 1/2 my bum hanging off my chair so i wouldn’t get squashed by them. well, i’m not tiny either, so better dun tok so much about them.

旺福 did pretty much the same songs, but it was still very enjoyable. the place was packed (it’s a pretty small area) so everybody was a bit more high than the night before. we were sitting in the last row, so i didn’t get to see xiao min contort his body again hehe, but qh took some photos, and i helped her take some too, hope they turn out ok.

we later got tix to go to PSC at mediacorp, thanks to mingyi, but ended up there were only about 10 of us there, and only 4 of us were really into 旺福 the rest were there so we could get into the studio…and we met 旺福 at the lifts on the way to the studio! haha, such a coincidence. but the lift came quickly, and they went in and started looking in the mirror at the back of the lift and didn’t turn around. we left quickly, after they finished performing their song, and xiaomin finished judging the kiddy karaoke. we then hung arnd the radio gate, where mingyi swore upside down their van would come out from (never thot i would still do that at this ripe old age…sigh) coz they wanted to find out when they were flying back to taiwan, but we never saw them. hung arnd till the show was over, le yao came out at abt 9.10 and we asked her, and she said they’d left already… sigh

anyway, that was my lame lame destresssss weekend hehe, where the high point was the 2 ‘ performances and the KTV session. back to the grind again this week, OT everyday, aiyooo, i’m getting depressed thinking about it.

Ok, gotta get back to the HK reports, what a mess.

from poor lovefool who was living it up in paris at this time:


u guys had jus a happening wkend!!!!


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