my manager just asked me why am I doing charity for the company…i didn’t know what to reply.

charity…free overtime, putting in extra hours everyday for no pay, no reimbursement, no credit, no ‘well-done, team’, no extra days/hours off, no nothing…

oh wait, there’s something, there’s “why is your team putting in so much OT and earning so little”, there’s “why are you using so much electricity”, there’s “you guys have to work more efficiently”…

jus tell him u r a gd kind pax, who will get yr retribution. gd ppl die early n will go to heaven early to enjoy life, whereas him? he will have to stay on earth longer than u n c how tis world changes n disintegrate.

ok, i know im being bad here. *stuck out tongue* u read liao, then forget it huh…pretend u nvr read it b4.


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