I'm finally alive

Listening to: Jay’s Eigth Dimension 八度空間
yah, weird rite, suddenly listening to his old album, but just felt like it all of a sudden, was thinking of 半島鐵盒 and 半獸人 today.

Today, finally, thankfully, the temperature didn’t feel like it was gonna cook me before I even reach the office. I could have kissed whoever made the temperature dropped haha. Today I finally went for my piano lesson again, after missing 2 weeks. That was good. The bad part, I’m not gonna catch up on my work anytime soon, it’s pretty bonkers trying to cover the work of what originally was split up between 3 pple. NL and I just barely managed, with some staff rotation here and there. But now she’s gone, left with me…how??? I think I’ll be swamped by the end of the week. Looking forward to more days of unpaid overtime…

Not having much luck with computers recently either. I finally came back online after temprarily fixing back my old 4GB Seagate, but running Win XP on that is like sitting in a sputtering, about-to-break-down bus. Now I’m so overly-conscious of every grind, every sound that emanates from my comp, and the temperature too. I don’t think I’m being too sensitive, but it’s really not running so hot today, since the temp must have dropped 1,2 points. Keep putting my hand on the drive to test, I’m gonna get an electric shock one day… Now trying to send my WD back to RMA, hope I’ll remember to do it tomorrow, and they better give me back a good one too.

Now thinking and budgeting madly, hoping to get a new system soon. It makes no sense to run Win XP on a Pentium 2, I’m just giving myself more grief. And I’ve got too many things going on at one time to just depend on the P2. hoping to get an AMD XP 2600 or 2700 ^_^ with a good graphics card, 512MB RAM at least and a 80 or 120GB HDD, Seagate of course… I’m not greedy, am I? haha. Now my problem is I dun understand graphics cards, so I duno what to get, and the other even bigger problem is I’ll have to dig into my Taiwan trip savings to build this. Was hoping to spend less than $500, but I doubt if that’s even worth thinking of.

Office comp oso keeps hanging, 4 times a day on a good day, 6-7 on a bad. Always hanging on Mondays and Fridays when I’m running my major reports, is it trying to tell me something???’Or is it just trying to up my blood pressure…

talking about blood pressure, Linkin Park are coming to Singapore!!!!!! They’ll be performing at the Padang on 22nd June, here for more details. But S$85, where to find the money. If only I didn’t buy the Faye tix, but I feel like watching her too leh…damn, why do all these people come all at the same time. Linkin’ Linkin’!!! I can’t afford to miss those guys, they probably won’t come to Asia ever again!

Steve Vai will be here too in July. Suddenly all the big names are coming again, coming to earn our money now the SARS scare is over, eh.

Long-winded rant today…haven’t been up here for almost 2 weeks. haven’t been updating Lucid Myth either, sucks, it must be getting lonely. Don’t seem to have time to do anything lately, I’m just totally shagged at the end of the day. Got my milestones to complete by June, got a song to complete by 1st Friday of June, need to improve on my piano, haven’t been working on Lucid Myth or the other webby for months and years, gotta revamp my room to find space for all my stacks and stacks of CDs and the keyboard, thinking of taking a 2-month guitar course to de-stress hahaha how ambitious and lazy am I.

woah, 3.30am, sure to be grumpy in the morning again hehe.


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