Withdrawal symptoms

it’s going to be a week now, without the use of my comp at home. My arms are actually not aching anymore 😛 though i’m suffering withdrawal symptoms from no comp, no msn, no irc, no icq, no mayday forum, my ISP must be wondering at the sudden stop in my usage -_-”’ surprised they havent’ called up to check if I’m still alive ^_^ lucky there’s still a computer and net access in the office.

it’s been a bad week, the weather is pretty unbearable, I don’t even dare to check a thermometer, but I can’t sleep at night coz the bed is too hot, the fan is churning out hot air, and i wake up in the mornings with a dull throbbing headache, which, thank god, clears up after i reach the life-giving coolness of the air-conditioned office. I think the heat probably sizzled my HDD too.

I have never been so grateful to go to the office as I have been this entire week. I should send this to my boss 😀


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