Listening to: a cacophony of drilling and hammering sounds from the upgrading project

I’m sooo tired this week, stayed late in office on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Almost everyday, i came home tired out, and collapsed into bed immediately. I’m really getting old. Even a couple of years ago, long working hours like this wouldn’t have phased me. I’d have come home, bathed, ate dinner and gone online till 2 or 3 am. Maybe I just need more excercise. Even yesterday night, it was just office till 7, rushed over to Lot 1 to buy the 王 菲 tickets, dinner and then home. Even so, I petered out at about 1+ and went to bed early and slept till an hour ago. To think I was supposed to go in to the office today! well, I almost made it too, woke up at 8.15, and was so disoriented I thought I was desperately late for work, then I realised I wasn’t, stumbled along to the toilet, said morning to my dad along the way, and stumbled back to collapse into bed again. Yup, i need more excercise. Why are things that are good for you always so hard to do? Then again, over-sleeping isn’t that good either, everytime I sleep in late on weekends, I get this horrible horrible headache and backache, crap! that’s really what we used to call in poly, “鹹菜命 “, can’t even enjoy life when given the chance. 😛

I’ve been thinking of whether to combine my City In The Sky with this blog here, but still haven’t come to a decision. I wanted to leave City In The Sky for my Mayday ramblings, but sometimes end up putting other stuff there as well. Sometimes Mindsay is just easier, no need to write any code, just type type and type and the blog is updated at the click of a button. And another is, Chinese Star doesn’t seem to work on my comp anymroe after I upgraded to XP, and the other Chinese input stuff that I use doesn’t seem to go very well with this HTML s/w I’m using, so that’s quite a bleah thing as well.

Ohh, piano lesson on Monday, and I haven’t practiced, crap! Hungry though, feel more like eating then playing piano, oh well, we’ll see. And ohh, haven’t called up IWI as well. Supposed to call Cristofori too, feel like taking some guitar strum and sing lesssons. oh yah, and Attitude Music too, bass guitar lessons. Why is there always so many things to do and so little time to achieve to do it in?

The other day, I was thinking about how Ashin manages to write so many songs, and the conclusion I came to is that, talent is a huge part of it, and somewhere in there, is also the fact that he doesn’t have a 9-to-5 slog fest like we do. 現實﹐ 我好討厭你 !!


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