I was dreaming again today, of being a pub owner. I have a location, the decor, what we’d serve there, what theme there would be every night, everything in mind. All i need now is money…why do i live in Singapore where everything is sooo ex.

those pubs in taiwan are my dream. The Underground, The Wall, Witch’s Pub, He An, I wanna visit them all one day. And 1 day, i’ll set up a place like that… one day…wonder if that day will ever come. If it ever does, all the pple from #mayday will be invited… and one day I’ll get Mayday and Wubai to perform too!! ^_^ see what I mean about dreaming again…

lovefool’s reply
hire me
hire me during the wkends. working conditions requested as below :
1. i work for u for free when there r any band performances.
2. when mayday n 500 r here, its my rest/off day. nothing can make me work on tat day. but i mus enjoy special unlimited backstage pass.
3. i get free liquor whenever i m there, wkdays n wkends.
4. ultimately, my pay is S$20/hr. special rate for u.
all other conditions, let u know when yr pub is ready

then me
Re: hire me
/me making out a list of banned people from my pub
1. anybody below 21 years old
2. lovefool

lovefool again
how can!?

/me sulking n pouting n bian zhui-ing

work for free when its the bz-iest time of yr pub’s life woh. special rate for u during the normal times woh. the most i dun drink so much free liquor loh. n i got principle 1 leh, i dun drink during work hrs.


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