My City in the Sky

hiakz, signed up for this for nothing, juz want to kpo on shir’s blog 😛 ok la, i thot i’d juz reserve this for all my mayday rants and raves (that’s why it’s city in the sky), else my lucid myth would get monotonous hehe

now listening to ufm 100.3, ke ning interviewing mayday, quite ok and funny, the ufm djs aren’t as corny or lame as 933 djs i think, altho i guess interviewers run out of questions, but ufm djs do ask more ‘intelligent’ questions.

like ke ning now, she’s talking about the old Yong Bao album, which is great!! guess she does her homework, and it’s great not to listen to anymore mindless nonsense about SGJ, i’m kinda sick of that topic hehe, i’d rather hear mayday talk about their early days, when they were still the ‘old’ mayday as some of us refer to them.

kudos to kening, and thanks to shir for intro-ing ufm to me ^_^ bye for now.

8th Sept 04
sigh, this was my 1st post on my Mindsay account. i signed up on Apr 26th to sneak a look at lovefool’s blog, and ended up blogging there for 5 months. I made this move to Blogger coz Mindsay upgraded to their v3 which didn’t support Chinese, and i realized that I had lost all my posts that were in Chinese. *sob*


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