Listening to: 董事長 1st album/ UFM 100.3

Nice interview done by KeNing on UFM with Mayday just now, more on it over here at my City In the Sky. haha she’s playing Jack Black’s School of Rock album, lolz, funny one, he’s doing all the old-school Doors rock, wooo, so shiok :)other than that, not been doing anything recently, too busy in the 1st place…work sux, D*** sux and that B**** is the worst of the lot, and now too sick the whole week to think of doing anything other than sleep. i think I must have slept 1/2 the weekend away, at least 14 hours a day on Saturday and Sunday, and I’m still having a headache, bollocks.

hope to have more updates soon, in the meanwhile, guess what I did! i adopted a useless blob! it’s soo cute!! hahaha! ^_^ i think i’ll call it … PhooBloo.
Adopt your own useless blob!


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