of piano lessons and concerts

Listening to: Nothing damn, my mp3 player ran out of batt today once i step out of the house, didn’t even bring my charger…oooh that reminds me

aiyo, it’s been raining non-stop for 24 hours liao…at least it’s not so hot, but the traffic got miserable cos of this, and I skipped my piano class again… 😛 jialatz, better not get into this stupid habit. all the stupid office fault, duno why they decided to let the bell ring 5 mins later, that means i miss the earlier bus, and I’m always late for the 6.30 class. Looks like I gotta change classes, but I like my teacher leh, she’s fierce enough so I’ll practice, but still quite friendly, hmmm, how ahHeard that 500’s gonna have a concert in HK in June, wonder if I can get tix. I really wanna go HK again, miss it a lot. It’ll be a great bonus for myself if I could go HK for another concert ^_^ wonder when’s the NATAS fair gonna be?


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