He's not a lame boyband

Listening to: Evanescence – Fallen

Crap…just saw the ad for Wubai’s CD+VCD reprint of 淚橋. unbelivable…trust Avex to come up with this lame way of earning more money. The bloody VCD has 3 MV’s, count ’em, 3. That does not constitute a reprint fercrissake. I mean, give the man a bit more respect la, he doesn’t need this kind of lame boyband way of making more money for his record company okay. Anyway they can probably make more money doing a few more reprints for that lame boyband they have. I’d rather they just sell 500’s VCD off as some single, even if there are just only 3 MVs, I’d be more willing to shell out the money just for that…Crap.


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