Tizzy Bac

Listening to: Nothing

arrgh, dun actually feel like doing this, but there’s been a lot happening the past week, and I’ve been too lazy to put anything down here. got a lot of thots running thru my head which i wanted to record here, but it all boils down to plain lazeenesss…oh but i got excuse la, been having flu since sunday, coughing and sneezing. My cold has been getting worse, now my nose and ears are all blocked, arghh.

anywayz, it’s been a good week music-wise. all thanks to The Esplanade and Mouse Music. They’ve been bringing in the indie bands from around the region, there’s King Lychee, Dzap Dau Dau from HK, 臭皮匠 and LGF in Singapore, Tizzy Bac from Taiwan, and other greats like 亂党 and 黑豹. The 黑豹 gig tonight was fantastic!!! I never thot i’d get to see them live in Singapore in my lifetime, but i did ^_^ yay! truly enjoyed it, but i realised that i was surrounded by a majority of China nationals, mostly of student age. Are they not popular with Singaporeans? Or are they too mainstream? haha. I can’t believe their 5th album is going to be released soon. I think I stopped listening to them after the 1st or 2nd album. chinese indie rock is truly not easily gettable here.

Caught King Lychee too, wow! another band with a great stage performance, and the way they howl their lyrics 😀 wooooo! i’m really impressed with their canto lyrics especially. at the risk of getting beat up by KLC fans (lucky this webby is virtually unknown…), Riz’s howling in english was fantastic, but for me, it’s a bit of “been there, done that” coz we hear that with lots of bands from US or UK, but Canto? that’s a language only the HongKongers use, and to incorporate that into this hardcore rock music, to me, that is the wow factor.

Tizzy Bac was very good! I’ve heard their name here n there, esp on PTT, but never heard their music before. they’re a 3-man, well 1-woman-2-man band. She’s on keyboards and vocals. Their songs are pretty funky, i think it could be due to a lack of elect guitar, with a strain of alternativeness in the music. Her voice is really special too, kinda alternative Faye-style, but it’s really a sound all her own. It’s not girly-shouty like some other girl bands are, and is a really refreshing change from the male-dominated band scene right now. Another thing which impressed me was the bassist, a geeky yet funky kinda guy, whose bass playing is terrific, and he could even produce E.G. effects on his bass. wow!!! no wonder they dun need an E.G. in the band ^_^ I didn’t realise their CD was released in SG, much less it was on sale at the gig!! *cry* now i gotta go spend an unreasonable amount of money at evil money-grubbing HMV, bah!


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