2004 Happy New Year

Listening to: 伍佰的 Live 1995 / Mayday’s 時光機 / 伍佰樹枝孤鳥

Wow, yet another month without entries…New Year 2004 came and went with a whimper…for me at least, it was B O R I N G. I actually stayed home the whole night watching TV (NOT TCS bleah) and smsing my friend. Can’t believe my plans got cancelled after all. Nothing much happening this past few weeks. I went to watch LOTR: ROTK 2 times, once on 30th Dec coz i was on leave and again on 3rd Jan. Hehe, not a bad way to start the year, watching ROTK.
the one on 30th Dec was terrible in a way. I went for the 10am show at Orchard Cineplex on purpose, getting up at 8.30, then going all the way down to Orchard just to avoid the crowd. Got my tix, got my drink, got my popcorn, made my way into the dark cinema with a thrill I haven’t felt for a while, then the movie started. I burrowed into the soft seat, and DAMN!!! The speakers were spoilt!!! at first I didn’t realise it, coz it was Gollum/Smeagol’s flashback, and i thought the muffled sound was on purpose. When it continued on for 1/2 hour, I gave up and followed the few guys who actually went to complain out of the hall.

Finally after 15mins of flustered and uncoordinated explanations from the staff (and one of the managers i think) and some grunts and complaints from some of the audience, they finally stopped the movie, and went in to explain that they would restart the movie, but NOT from the beginning, coz it would disrupt the screenings for the rest of the day. They offered a free extra ticket to everybody there, and we were allowed to choose between going on with the show, or going to watch the next screening…2 hours later. Well, it wasted my time, but I defnitely watched it from the start again. The most entertaining part had to be this woman in her 30s with a couple of kids, who, after the manager said “we are going to restart this screening here in this hall”, kept asking “BUT ARE YOU GOING TO RESTART THIS MOVIE????” … 3 TIMES! Felt like slapping her, omg…

Thank goodness the one on 3rd Jan, again at Orchard Cineplex was okay, same hall somemore hahaha. I still have that free tix, feel like watching ROTK again.
Can’t wait for the DVD to be released. I already have plans to buy all 3 extended versions, then have my own LOTR marathon at home to make up for missing the one at the cinemas…wooo 10 hours haha.

And THAT, is probably the most exciting thing that happened…haha, well, i’m too lazy to type more entries for now anyway
Oh yah, started the song compo course at Hark Music, hope I’ll be good at them, dun wanna muddle thru stuff again after paying a bomb for it. Starting piano lessons again too at Cristofori, next Monday, hope I don’t give up ^_^ *wishful thinking* I wanna get at least a Grade 5 hehehe


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