Listening to: 伍佰’s 淚橋

19-deg air-con going at full blast makes me sleepy. by the time i reached home today, i just went straight to bed and slept for 2 n 1/2 hours.

Been blasting 伍佰’s new CD on my discman the whole nite, and omg, there’s a skip at the 9-second mark for track 2,3 and 6. shit! can’t believe it. i saw some pple complaining about it over on the PTT board too. wonder how 伍佰老師 feels man, his 1st album with Avex and after 2 years, and it comes out this way. Heard some of the PTT pple saying there’s a lot of noise on tracks 2 and 3 as well, but i thk my listening is not as pro as them bah. wonder if i can get a refund or exchange somewhere.
yay, clearing my leave, so i’m off work for Tuesday and Wednesday, gotta get all my stuff in order these 2 days, been leaving too much work piled up


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