eeek, lame record company, declared today is Mayday, laaaammmme! ouch, woke up really early, 8am, coz 2 pple messaged me before 7.30, and i really couldn’t get to sleep again. I haven’t woken up this early on Sundays for like forever! ^_^ anyway, took a cab, met up with fizz and fool and rushed down to J8. We managed to reach there at about 10am, the queue was already there, it wasn’t that bad. Met temp too, she was in the front of the queue, and we finally joined her after a while, lucky nobody protested that we cut queue. ohhh met fish too and her sis, another good mayday friend haha, she was the one latte and the others met in Taiwan for 天空之城 on 816. haah they cut queue too to join us. The security is a bitch tho, threatening us about cutting queue etc when nobody else was protesting. Felt like telling ’em to fuck off, what’s their problem? they should go control those xmm during those 7788 and joleen auto sessions man, ha but i guess they dun have the balls to do it, those xmm are FIERCE!
11am!!! the 4 of them turned up for a small rehersal! everybody scream!!! haha they went about setting up their instruments and equipment and 士杰 was helping out, he even sang 溫柔 when they were rehearsing it!!!! lolz, the whole thing was like a mass karaoke session!! haah oh and 士杰 is like a star on his own man, people kept taking fotos, asking him to sign stuff and giving him presents. actually problem is he’s not a *star* in SG, and to get to know him juz coz he’s 1 degree of separation from mayday is kinda despicable. I wouldn’t mind getting to know him for himself tho, he’s a really corny guy haha the sun was blazing, so we dumped our stuff in the queue, and went into the shade to chat with the rest. *SKIP all the boring parts while waiting hehe*
The best part had to be the live performance!!!!!!!!!! omg! they were so high especially 阿信 who turned up finally at J8 (he wasn’t even on time for the 龍虎傍that morning)!!!! WOW!!! that had to be one of the best live 五月天 acts I’ve ever been too (altho I haven’t been to a lot) He kept grinnig and joking with everybody and the other 4, and they got infected by his mood too, soooo happy haha. We kepy saying that the jab his doctor gave him had to have some other substances in it ^____^ somebody put up a transcript of what happened that day on our forum, i’ll go find the link and put it up again.
haha the auto was really fun, there wasn’t really that many people. maybe less than 300? so they took their time to sign everybody’s stuff and talk with them. We all got a poster, 武裝 CD single and a sheet of mayday stickers ^_^ haha i even went twice with fizz, coz 2 din turn up, so we used their tix to sign again. 怪獸 told me “又是妳??!!” argghh stupid me could only grin at him, dumb dumb dumb -_- haha 阿信 really pro, he juz put his pen on the poster and signed, all the while looking up at me and smiling haha, he’s really got this auto thing down pat lolz.
after the whole thing was over, they even did it with time to spare to get to their next session, we rushed down to HMV, which really sucked. it was a lame meet-n-greet session, and you were supposed to buy a mayday CD from HMV in order to get in, but in the end, there wasn’t enough sales, so everybody got in, stupid HMV, don’t they understand that Mayday are not some sudden pop phenomenon, people are either their fans from long ago OR not at all, you can’t garner any sales from long time fans.
Really met up with a lot of other MD fans today, very fun. Mayday going off tomorrow, Monday, i’m on leave ^_^


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