haha went to the airport again today, Mayday is here! ;P can’t believe that I’m running to the airport and their auto sessions like a small kid, haha but I can’t help it leh, just have to see their faces for my own eyes. They barricaded the area up again, alamakz, what the hell is that man! 怪獸 was wearing his favourite cowboy hat again haha, seems like he took to wearing cowboy hats after 阿信 told him that he looked good wearing them ;P hahaha 瑪莎, 諺明 and 石頭 looked as much as ever, 石頭 looks sooo good with his new hairstyle ^_______^ 瑪莎 got a big welcome haha, imagine we haven’t seen him for 2 years! BUT 阿信 didn’t turn up on the same flight!! alamakz!!! we finally got news that he was sick and had to go to the hospital for a jab, and would be coming tomorrow… tomorrow!! auto session at J8!! yayyy!!


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