ah wing

arrrghhh, it’s a hot weekend again. went to Hazel’s office warming, nice place, she’s really a go-getter, developing her career and branching out while the economy is in the dumps, well, all my best to her!! headed back home around 4 with my feet full of blisters, note to self: never wear new slippers when you’re gonna be walking around for more than 1 hour!! aiyo, when am I gonna learn… haha
headed out again later around 8+ to meet shan, arggh wasted my money on cab, idiot me, anyway, quite worth it la, coz I went to watch Sai Wing at Beyond97!!!! wooo, what a rush, haven’t seen them for so long!! even if it’s just him, it’s good!! haha he was playing rhythm guitar that night, and shan n i turned to each other, when did he learn how to play guitar??!! @_@ lolz, well, i guess hanging around with kakui, kakeung and paul long enough, you’ll pick it up somehow. He did a 45 minute gig, playing mostly Beyond songs, with some of his own. He also dedicated one of the songs to his lou por, the one he wrote for her, after she died last year *sigh*. Oh, and he brought along William, their guitarist in the very first Beyond, wooo, his hair omg, so long n curly, haha shan commented he looked like 老爹 迪克牛仔 omg! haha
ohhh, Wing also brought along a band, EVER, they’re prttey good, altho need a bit more experience *g*, they started out with 3 covers, the 1st one was 終結孤簞, lolz, when he announced dai yat sau gor hai zhong git gu dan (第一首歌是終結孤丹) i was like *blink blink* *blink blink* haha then they just rushed into the song, i didn’t have time to think, just kept grinning at their not-so-accurate-Mandarin rendition ^_^, wish I had a recorder then, record it down and get it to Mayday somehow, thk they’d be very happy to hear that. EVER’s own songs were pretty good, very rock, a lot of slashing guitar ^_^ i like, but dunno what the titles are, I dun even think they have a CD out yet, or do they?
Finally made it home at 2.30am, they really kept us waiting at the pub, was in at 9, wing only came on at 11+ arggh, then when I reached home, starhub’s damn cable was still down, so I hung out for a bit, ate noodles and went to bed ^_^\/ karaoke tomorrow!!


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