hmmm, quite a boring week, except today. ^_^ went to david tao 陶吉吉’s auto session at marina square. y’know it’s a pretty good place for auto sessions, coz the artiste is all the way up there, so everyone can see them, and the area is big enough for everybody to squeeze in. I wasn’t actually that keen on him before this, his songs are good, though very radio-friendly, but they’re not the typical bubble-gum teenybopper blah pop music *grin* then again he’s not a teenybopper haha was telling my friends that he’s the only artiste so far who’s auto I have, who is older than me hahaha, oops, revealed my age… Anyways, I wasn’t that keen before, coz he always has this really arrogant look on his face ;P and a attitude I can’t stand. But at his auto, he was pretty friendly ^_^ or maybe he can act?? He signed everybody’s CD with this scrawl that I can’t make out, looked up at every single person and gave them a grin and a thank you. hahaha i was my usual lame self, told him I was looking forward to his concert, and he said thanks, hope to see you there! weeell, he left kinda a good impression on me hahaha but I don’t think I’ll ever be his biggest fan ^_^ Fl, SH, fizz and me then stayed at BK talking and laughing about all our usual subjects ie. everything under the sun esp 五月天 until about 10 before we headed home ^_^


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