hmmm, our Mayday merch got stuck at the postal office, seems like they want us to pay GST on the stuff, unbelivable, those things are for personal use, not for selling, but the officer mentioned that any goods that are above SGD400 are subject to GST arrgghh idiots and he was so unfriendly and unhelpful. At least the lady I spoke to in the afternoon was nicer. Too bad Ariel has left Rock Records tho, I have a feeling she’d be able to help me with this mess. The guy I spoke to 小童 sounded helpful, but I had to keep calling back (my fone bills are gonna be really high this month), he always said I’ll email or I’ll fax, but I still had to call back. Well, can’t blame, there’s supposed to be thousands of orders, according to what Shirley found out.
hmmm, wanted to wake up early this morning and make the trip down to the postal centre in Paya Lebar, but I really couldn’t after going to sleep at 5 this morning. can’t believe they arranged to go to China Jump and then Ir* decided not to go. Alamakz, China Jump was fun, but the 2 of them looked so bored most of the time, can’t believe that they can sit so still in China Jump, if I sat so still, I’d have fallen asleep haha. It wasn’t really bar-top dancing, more of sofa top, but it was still funni, the Indian guy was lame, funny but lame, but at least his dancing wasn’t as lame as that stupid faggot!!! omg! dance until like that, soooo gross ewwww haha and his friends were actually cheering him on, I was cringing with disgust hahaha. The music there is good, a lot of retro and Top 40s, sure it’s not as kewl as techno or house is, budden I hate techno and house, so booring, I’ve gotta get some friends down to China Jump again soon, fun ones, pple who will drink and dance haha.
took a day off on Monday, coz the MAYDAY TIX ARE ON SALE!!! haha can’t wait to get the seats that we want. the synopsis at the Sistic webby is quite good, at least not as unknowledgeable as some people are in Singapore about 五月天. check this out:

MAYDAY is back!

With much anticipation, MAYDAY finally fulfills their promise to return to the Chinese music scene!

This popular rock band took the Chinese music scene by storm in 1999 with their Travis-like display of songs featuring love, friendship and youth aspirations. The quintet’s garage-style rock music, which contains a flawless mixture of dialect and Chinese lyrics, quickly gain recognition among the younger and hippier audience. MAYDAY then disbanded temporarily when some members were enlisted in the army in 2001.

Couldn’t join in the fun at their reunion concert in Taiwan? Then this is one concert that you definitely cannot miss! Join MAYDAY as they mark their reunion with powerful live renditions of famous hits such as “Tender”, “Ok Lah”, “Pure”, “Crazy World”, “Terminate Loneliness”, “I”, “Zhi Ming & Chun Jiao”, and also brand new songs from their latest album, right here in Singapore!

With ever-strong enthusiasm for rock music, the much-matured MAYDAY will definitely bring you an unforgettable night full of all-time high live performances and surprises!

Not bad, still can say it’s pretty well-written ^_^, well, remember to get your tix, folks, and remember, ROCK THE NATION, Stand up at the concert, and bring your blue lightsticks!!! ^_^


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