Park Yong Ha!

PARK YONG HA!!!!!!!!! haha, he’s sooo cute, but I can’t believe I actually went to the airport to send him off yesterday, and took 1/2 day off from office to do it ^_^ well, my 1/2 day was supposed to be last Fri, but since they got me to stay in, I’m still entitled to it. Anyway I don’t care, he’s sooooo unbelivably cute, haha, with that amused face all the time. But I can’t help feeling he’s very ‘ging’ all the time, the interview in ST Life, and the pic, gave me the impression he’s still really very much a small kid inside, the scene in Loving U where Duoli gives him the seafood also, then he gives this really really kiddish grimace and *pokes pokes* at the seafood, hahaha so cute no wonder he’s so shy, but he’s expeced to put up this serious front all the time. hmmm, i guess that’s korean culture for you, but he did turn up at the airport in t-shirt and berms, haha so casual. But he’s still such a sweet sweet guy, EuJin is sooo lucky. ahhh, can’t believe Tid* actually got to take a photo with him, and he put his arm around her *sigh* *envy envy*
Ha, all I managed to get in the end were 3 signatures, 1 on the CD lyric book, 1 on the Aug 2003 calender and 1 on my 6510, arggh, but i think that one will fade if I don’t take care. I don’t think the fotos will turn out any good tho, everybody was rushing around him, esp dat idiot big guy who kept pushing pple out of his way to take fotos, so what if he’s trying to make some money argggh
hmmm, last few entries really v PYH haha, better stop now
sian, after PYH left, now i’m so down, but lucky i’m not feeling as down as when Mayday comes and goes. Oh well, just have to buck up girl, anyway Mayday is coming soon ^_^ yayy! Can’t wait for their album and concert!!!! 藍色銀熒光海, wonder if that will happen in singapore, the concert-goers are always soooooo laid-back, until they can’t be bothered to do anything, juz go to indoor stadium and plonk their fat butt in the seat for 2 hours…doesn’t their butt hurt from sitting all the time??? omg hate them,can’t they just stand up for once, it’s not gonna kill them….
I’m just totally bored today, can’t wait for the weekend to come. I couldn’t work the whole day, N was on MC, SL on leave, and I just sat there and read i-weekly the whole afternoon, by 4.30 I just couldn’t wait to pack up and go.
arggh, talking about i-weekly I-週刊, both i and u-weekly had 2 pages on 天空之城, but they went and used the same photos!!!!!??????? unbelivably omg behaviour, how could they? U mean none of them took any pix at all??!! All they could do was go there attend the concert, and come back to singapore and hand in the press pack to their editor… omg! the best part of it was, the i-weekly journo wasn’t even a fan, he definitely did a more sympathetic piece on 林佑威, well not that i don’t sympathise with the guy, but…Mayday!! oh well, can’t account for some people’s taste.
sian, I have more to say, but I’m just weeping now from all the yawning…. bed time…. note to self: record down what I do everyday, so I can update this site…nitez…note to self: dream of PYH tonite, saying saran geyo hahahah omg stop it girl

hmmm juz remembered that some of the chinese coding is rubbish, looked thru and changed, but do let me know if it’s still garbage… i keep changing my chinesestar encoding while updating here, so it goes wrong sometimes

25 Aug 2003
Back to work sianz, a bit tired, but got kopi-o gao gao to help me *g* and PYH in my ears to comfort me, haah the last week or so, entries are very PYH centered, haha, gotta get off that soon. Now looking at budgeting my money so that I can spare an extra $200 to go to KL to watch Beyond in concert, sooo many concerts, tired leh, but satisfying 😀 more to say tonight,it’s 2pm, get back to work, girl.


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