Arts, concerts and Korean men

woooo, spent today at latte’s house making our scrap book and our new secret weapon hahaha so fun!!! Even tho fizz n I had tix to the Zpop concert, we were sooo unwilling to leave her place haha, it’s the 1st time an “arts project” has held more attraction for me than a free concert *g* But we made it to Zpop anyway, althought it was all nice n crowded and muddy and hot. haha all girl nite out, just to see Park Yong Ha, *screeeaaam* so funni, we were like those mad xiao mei mei, all drooling over that tiny figure on the far-away stage. We were there around 7+, almost 8, the ground was still very wet, and the crowd was pretty tame n quiet, think because a lot of people came to see PYH or Tension or JJ.
Ha,will not bore everyone about the concert la, anyway starting from about 9.30 or so, i was pretty stoned with tired feet and aching shoulders. I’ll just say that PYH finally appeared around 11 or so, and everybody went mad haha. And he had that bemused look on his face, like “Who are these mad people??” haha. Anyway, his songs are nice, and his voice is gorgeous! I didn’t really expect a lot from his singing, coz I thought he was juz another pretty boy, but his performance prved me wrong. his voice is not too deep, but it does have a clear quality about it, and i couldn’t fault him on his zhuan ying (how do you say that in English). Anyway his voice didn’t shake or waver when reaching the higher notes, and I guess for me it’s good enough haha.
After that, we were hungry, tired and extremely thirsty! So we headed down to S11 for supper around 11.30. I finally made it back home around 1.30, bathed, onlined for a while, and collapsed into bed around 3am. Tomorrow is another story!!


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