Wow, August already, unbelivable, the year has just flashed past, and I’m hitting 31 in 1 day’s time…O M G !!! Was on the bus thinking about Mayday today ^_^ been thinking about ’em ever since last Friday when they finally got back together. Then today on the bus, was remembering all the past events like the auto and the concert, *sigh* I really really miss them. Can’t wait for them to release their new album and COME TO SINGAPORE!!! 😀 Monday’s Yu Le Xin Wen was hosted by 怪獸’s cousin, 黃士杰 together with 丫璧, 趙之璧. haha they’re really funny, then Mayday came on, and it was laff-a-minute chaos, esp when they re-enacted how 士杰 lost his cool and started puking after their drinking session to clelebrate 彥明’s birthday lolzz, it must be really cool and fun to have them as friends, juz your average 哥兒們, also not bad ^_^ *dreaming*!! haha 丫信 finally managed to get their auto sessions correct, in a way, not like Friday’s WQYL, totally din noe wat he was saying *g* Hope they come soon, I’m getting edgy and jumpy and restless thinking about them, as usual, dunno why they do dat to us…


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