Wow, Beyond just had their concert in June, there’s a leetle article in I-weel;y, still trying to get my friend to scan it for me. They had the lone mic standing in the middle of the stage again, out of respect for Ka Kui. It’s a reminder to everybody that Beyond may be 3 people physically, but they’ll always be 4 in spirit. Ka Kui’s spirit will live on the the Beyond 精神 forever and forever, esp for die-hard fans like me.
At the concert, they also reminded fans to join the mass protest that was held on 1 July, against the anti-subverson law that China wants to pass in HK. It’s because the law wil; work against artistes and composers like them, who enjoy freedom of speech in their work and music. Y’know, if you don’t know Beyond, or don’t really know them well, get to know them because of these things, the things that tell you Beyond is not just a fancy-shmancy boy-band. They’ve got the brains to prove it! … well, not that I don’t like boy-bands 😀
They’ve a new compilation out, Beyond 超越 Beyond Live 03. It’s basically a compilation album of their older songs, in the Ka Kui era. I haven’t got it yet, will probably head down to Outram when I get my salary.


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