I finally switched HTML coders to Stone’s Webwriter 3.5. They haven’t sent me the registration code yet tho. I got it off the .net magazine CD. Yay .net, I like to buy it for the web design articles, and esp the free stuff on the CD-ROM. Their website doesn’t seem to be working tho.
Ooh, yes, I have to say that I finally got my new HDD, WD Caviar 40GB. I wanted a 60GB, but the guy told me that 40GB was the max for a PII, otherwise I’d have to flash my BIOS. Well, I’m no flasher, so I decided that 40gigger would be good enuf for now…until I upgrade my PC *g*. Of course, I had trouble installing it, all my PCs never cooperate with me. I spend hours plugging in, taking out, tyring all sorts of stuff, and nothing works. The brother comes along, takes out a cable, re-plugs it back in, and voila, everything works *growl*
Well, at least, my PC’s running faster, doesn’t need 2.5 mins to boot up anymore, and best of all, I can install all my games at once, not have to uninstall 1 to install another! AND, Diablo 2 works juz fine ^_^ no more stuttering characters yay! … Now, I wonder if PII can run 128MB of RAM …


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